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Rainwater thinking, 5.23.11

We will be collecting rainwater from the roof surfaces.  A natural place for the tank is at the intersection of the carport and house, below the front steps.  Here are some sketches to show how this might look with a wall formed up under the steps or a dedicated tank made of concrete or plastic.

The view below grade from the front of the house.

Here’s an extension of the planned walls, forming a space for a tank that could be dedicated or made of walls and then lined with a membrane.

Here’s an option showing two tank sizes located below the carport slab.

Here’s a look at tank options.  The twin tanks in blue are 1700 gallon polyethylene tanks.  The larger one nearby is a 2200 gallon version.  The grey tank is a locally produced 2,000 gallon concrete tank that comes from the septic world, but it is a single chamber that works better for cisterns.

Below is an early option we considered for a site built tank.  We’re not sure how cost effective this would be, although the storage area would be big... maybe as much as 20,000 gallons.

This is a underground look at a 2,000 gallon, twin manhole concrete tank located just below the garage where the roof surfaces come together.  That should make it easier to drain the several horizontal surfaces.  The raingarden is the overflow and we’ll need to know how to automatically divert water to the pond when the tank is full.    We’d like to build a small fountain to celebrate the rainwater below.  You can see the fountain at the end of the small diameter yellow pipe.

Rainwater tank, early thinking....