Mechanical Room Thinking, 3.13.11

There’s a lot going on mechanically with this home.  To get a better idea of space requirements, here is a concept showing what will to fit into this 20‘x20’ space.  Here’s a short list:


Water source heat pump

HVAC mechanical panels

Fire sprinkler system


Washup sink

Tools and work bench

Battery rack and inverter for solar, hydro and someday, wind.

Busse micro sewage treatment

Rope ladder to upstairs

*  *  *


The walls provide for cooling during warm seasons by removing heat from the South facing walls and moving it to the North walls.  The small water x water heat pump in the basement provides for cooling in the walls and also humidity removal.

The system also provides for domestic hot water from the desuperheater and storage tank.

Cross Sections of the ABC wall space conditioning