25 acres, Prime Industrial Property

For sale:


Partnership Industrial Center

Springfield, MO

Tract C, 14+ acres
Tract B, 7+ acres
Tract A, 4+ acres
Kearney St.

Google Map view of a portion of the Partnership Industrial Center, East

4500 E. Progress Place

Surrounding a 150,000 sq. foot building under lease to Watts Water Technologies are over 25 acres of greenfield ready for industrial development.

These lots located in the Partnership Industrial Center East, in Springfield, Missouri.  They can be purchased as one piece or subdivided.  Rail Spurs are suitable at two points for rail access to Burlington Northern.   The properties are served by water detention, natural gas, electrical, water, sanitary sewer and high speed internet.

Please call Dave Murray at RB Murray Company for more information.  417-881-0600

Shown here are three Tract options of 14, 7 and 4 acres.  Tracts C & B have rail access.  Also shown are three future buildings and access to the highway.

3 tract option
25+ acres
Burlington Northern



  Natural gas


  Sanitary sewer

  Fiber Optic


Existing lease
For more information, please call Dave Murray at RB Murray Company.  417-881-0600